Monday, June 3, 2013

Art Deco and The Great Gatsby

Glamour, gold, glitz, luxe and excess.  These are just a few of the adjectives that describe the popular style of Art Deco.  Originating in the 1920's in France, and then spreading internationally through the 30's and 40's, Art Deco is once again popular.  Borrowing from many different countries and cultures, influences on Art Deco can be seen from Asia, Egypt, India and Africa.  Later, the style was influenced even more by the Machine Age.  Today, trendsetters and tastemakers are giving a new and fresh spin to the style while maintaining its sophisticated sense.  Below are a few scenes from  Baz Luhrmann's new take on The Great Gatsby, which showcases the Art Deco style.  


Farrow and Ball has a lovely palette of colors inspired by the Great Gatsby including:

Classic Gatsby

Glittering Gatsby

Monotone Gatsby

I really love these bold geometric wallpaper prints

And this Kansai Bookcase from anthropologie

I would love to have this mirrored front armoire with ebony black.  (and look at those gold handles!)

And how about the Ralph Lauren 2011 Home Collection!  Black and brass and gold and sparkle!

It seems that you can't have too many mirrored pieces around when you're living it up Art Deco style.  This little number is from 

What are some of your favorite Art Deco pieces?
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