Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And Now for My Next Magic Act

So how about that disappearing act?  I didn't mean to go away for so long, but things have been a little hectic around here.  The end of one year, the beginning of the next, my last semester of school which consists of a 17 hour semester and a 20 hour/week internship!  All of this can be a little crazy at times, but I'm trying to find a rhythm and I'm keeping at it.  A few things have certainly fallen by the wayside (like this poor neglected blog, my hair, my sleep schedule, and my house), but I can see the finish line in sight, and I'm picking up my second wind.

I have to say that I am absolutely loving my internship.  I'm interning with Lisa Sherry at Lisa Sherry Interieurs.  She is an established designer in High Point, NC, and shares a space with her husband Ron Royals, who is a pretty established photographer.  They both maintain an easy casual luxe style, and their house will soon be on feature in Domino Magazine (look out for the summer issue.)  One of the highlights of my internship so far, was to meet the editor of Domino, Michelle Adams.  Adams is a former editor and founder of LONNY and worked for the original Domino earlier.  It was such a thrill to meet Michelle, and to see what a big time photo shoot entails (not much if you are already effortlessly chic like Lisa!)

Here are a couple of Lisa's beautiful design projects

Other perks of my internship have been helping with blog ideas for Lisa's blog, and getting to play along in the creative process.  LSI is working on a couple of showrooms, and I was given a hands-on approach to one of them.  I'll snap some pictures of the install and be sure to come back and share them here.  I'm learning so much, and really appreciative of the opportunity that I have.

Ciao for now,

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