Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday blues

I'm back from a cold but glorious weekend of snowboarding (well, actually it was more like mountain rolling) in Snowshoe, W.V.  The thermometer bottomed out at -1 which actually felt like -25 with the windchill.  Despite the cold, it was a great time.  But here I sit on Sunday night with a little case of the Monday Blues.  So in honor (or is it in spite of) those Monday bluesy blahs, I bring to you the most beautiful hues of blues I can find!


I'm totally obsessed with the color turquoise, and if I had my way, I would most likely paint every room in my house some shade or tint of that color. But as it is, I share this lovely place with 4 others who also have a say.  I've never met a turquoise that I didn't like, and I think this color is so universal.  It's used on southern porch ceilings to replicate the sky, it's perfect for a child's room, and it works so well in so many combos (turquoise and yellow, turquoise and coral, turquoise and hot pink, turquoise and orange, turquoise and chartreuse or lime or emerald green-- you get the picture.)  When I think of turquoise, I immediately feel warm and peaceful, as if I'm looking out over the calm Turquoise sea in Sardinia, Italy.

If you like turquoise as much as I do, you might enjoy one of my favorite blogs, house of turquoise that runs the gamut of all things turquoise.


Cobalt is another beautiful and sea drenched blue.  This color is much deeper and richer and brings to mind old architectural blueprints or vintage glass bottles.  I once painted a bedroom this color and loved it.  This color is so strong and beautiful when mixed with white (and look at that blueprint!)


This color is so sophisticated and structured and handsome.  Right out of the academy this color says it's in charge.  Navy is the disciplined brother of black.  Not nearly as rebellious, but serious and sexy.  Rooms in this color are classic, and preppy, like a wool blazer or a peacoat, which is probably why it looks so good with a bit of gold accent (the buttons) and white (the oxford underneath.)  Try mixing in some woods and rich leathers for a little more sophisticated elegance.  


It's in my blood, (it is my alma mater, and I did cheer for Carolina my freshmen year.)  It's the color of the sky, it's the color that we see when the molecules in the air scatter more blue light from the sun than red light.  Instead of asking the age old question of "why is the sky blue?" we should ask ourselves, "why wouldn't the sky be blue?"  It's beautiful, it's ethereal, it's dreamy, it's a warm sunny afternoon.  Another southern porch ceiling favorite, this color whispers as softly as a cloud.  It's quiet and understated, but yet so comforting.  

After looking at all these wonderful shades of blue, I'm feeling calm and relaxed and ready to let Monday roll in.  Hope you have a happy Monday too!

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