Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hello blog world

As part of my adventures as an Interior Design student, I'm taking the dive into the blogging world.  In the course of semesters to come, I will share my design style, my sources of inspiration, and my growth and progress as an interior designer.  I hope to bring a fresh and playful approach to the world of interior design.  There is beauty in life, and as a designer, it will be my goal to find beauty in the simple, the mundane, the everyday and ordinary.

As I keep trying to come up with a name for my design company, I waffle from name to name, but for some reason, I think of birds, or chicks, of girls with ducks on their shoulders or church cupola chicken coops, and I've landed on Chickgirl Designs.   So, today, along with my first post, I'll share this example of finding something beautiful in the simple, the mundane, the everyday and the ordinary. 


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