Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In one of my classes we are working on a pool house for a fictitious client who lives right outside of Charleston, SC.  The house has a modern feel, and the pool house will be constructed from an old shipping container.  I've collected some of my inspiration onto a pinterest board and will be adding in pictures of my sketches and elevations soon.  I'm imagining a long glass wall (well actually sliding glass doors) with this beautiful two way fireplace right in the center.

I would also love to use this custom ping pong table on the outside that would convert nicely into a dining table to accommodate up to 10 people!

I would have at least 2 of these on the outsides with a table in between.  

I'll update you with some bits and pieces of the insides in the next little bit.  What would you do with your converted shipping container?  Turn it into a mountain getaway, a guest house, or just a private retreat from the daily hustle and bustle?  Feel free to check out my pinterest board for more of my inspiration sources!


  1. cool pool table idea - love all the color!

  2. Thanks Sperlygirl! I can't wait to see how the room comes together.


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